Lavenham Farm is a full care boarding facility. Base board rate is $875 per month. To apply, or for questions and more information, please use the contact page or call Linda directly.

Tomás, our head barn man for 20+ years

Basic board service includes:

  • Access to indoor arena, outdoor arena, round pen, derby field, galloping track and trails [link to facilities]
  • Individual turnout with run-in shelter with rubber mats and a trace mineral salt block
  • Customized feed with free choice hay or a slow feeder, if preferred
  • Highest quality, world class hay from eastern Washington
    • Three kinds of hay:  1) alfalfa, 2) timothy/grass, and 3) teff
    • Always second cutting or better
  • Seasonal grazing when pasture grass is available
  • Customized concentrates:
    • Purina Omelene 200 Grain
    • Soaked Beet Pulp
    • Purina Equine Senior
    • Trace Mineral Loose Salt
  • Once a week hot bran mash with molasses in winter
  • We will gladly feed additional supplements if provided
  • Feedings twice a day
  • Manure picked from paddocks three times a week
  • Horses brought into stalls at night in the winter
  • Stalls cleaned daily
  • Fresh water daily; water heated in winter
  • Knowledgeable, dedicated & observant staff to oversee your horse
  • Outstanding veterinarian who lives 10 minutes away
    • Basic veterinary maintenance scheduled by Lavenham
    • Horses held for vet by Linda
    • Versatron Shockwave therapy available
  • Excellent off-island farrier available
    • Scheduled by Linda
    • Horses held for farrier by Linda
  • Thorough deworming program administered by Linda, including annual 5 day double dose of fenbendazole
  • Hot water wash rack with overhead infrared heater
  • Heated tackroom with tack locker
  • Horse Trailer Parking at an additional fee
  • If your horse needs anything special, we are happy to accommodate for an additional fee 

Lavenham Boarders are always invited to join in the many activities and horseshows Lavenham attends. Hauling at an additional fee.